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Wrought iron bar , restoration of wrought iron pieces, wrought iron fence , wrought iron gates

The restoration, reparation, supplementation, and conservation of wrought iron pieces

The restoration of the wrought iron elements of old tenement-houses, dwelling-houses, and castles

  • banisters
  • portals
  • palisades and fences
  • lamps
  • fountains
  • candelabrums
  • columns and pillars
  • window- and door bars
  • roof ornamental towers
  • roof-window compartments
  • Reparation and restoration of wrought iron ornamental elements, protection of historic monuments:

  • Restoration, supplementation, copy-making of various pieces made of wrought iron, such as roses, rosettes, leaves animal figures (swan, lion, etc...), different motives with scrolls and leaves, human-form statues, samples
  • Restoration, reparation and supplementation of buildings' other elements made of metal - spiater, tin, etc.
  • -
  • Reparation of wrought iron objects in the course of restoring historic monuments
  • Restoration, cleansing, supplementing, conserving of ornamental elements made of wrought iron that need special protection as parts of ancient monuments, or quasi-ancient monuments
  • Making copies and serial copies of unique, wrought iron art pieces, building elements, work of arts, and statues
  • Restoration survey, expert's report, restoration suggestion about the wrought iron ornamental elements of ancient monuments, or quasi-ancient historical monuments
  • Designing concession plans -for the National Office of Cultural Heritage- about the reparation and restoration of ancient monuments, portals, and barristers made of wrought iron